MEMBER OF Societa’ italiana di Urologia (S.I.U.), Società Europea di Urologia (EAU), Società Italiana di Andrologia (SIA) , European Society of Sexual Medicine (ESSM), Societa’ Italiana di Chirurgia genitale Maschile (SICGEM), Societa’ Urologi Piemontesi (AUP) , Societa’ Urologia Nuova e Societa’ Iraniana di Urologia (IUA).
AUTHOR of several publications in the urological and andrological field at national and international level.


  • Savigliano, 10.06.1995 SS Annunziata Hospital PSA – Guidelines
  • Cavaglià (Bi), 17.06.1995; The second meeting cognitive Piemonte – Valle d’Aosta (AURO).
  • Turin, 11/09/1995: New possibilities in the management of prostate disease.
  • Turin, 18-19 January 1996: Presentation of information AURO Process. At Molinette Hospital in Turin
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  • Savigliano, 09.05.1998: Prostate Biopsy: How, When and Why ‘.
  • Alexandria, May 18, 1996: 5th course of video-urology reconstructive surgery
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  • Turin, 15.06.1996 Stress urologist in his relationship with the patient.
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  • Turin, March 22, 1997: 9th meeting andrology Lombardy Piedmont premature ejaculation.
  • Bassano Grappa, April 2, 1997: Mini course in direct operational Andrology (Prof. Austoni, Wilson and Breda).
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  • Reggio Emilia, 24-26.10.1997: 46 ° SUNI conventions (companies’ of urologists northern Italy).
  • Torino, 08/11/1997: Emergencies in Urology
  • Turin, January 24, 1998: 4th Conference AURO Piemonte Valle d’Aosta
  • Torino, 07/03/1998 prostate disease. National Academy of Medicine.
  • Aosta, April 4, 1998: Problems in aesthetic surgery of the male external genitalia. Meeting Lombardy Piedmont.
  • Turin, 18/04/1998 benign prostatic hyperplasia: from diagnosis to treatment.
  • Turin, 18-21 nov.1998; 12 th meeting of Urology live (Villa Gualino).
  • Turin, 21-24 June 1998: 71th Congress SIU
  • Perugia, 10-12 weeks. 1998: 4th Italian andrological days.
  • Turin, 19 sett.1998 benign prostatic hypertrophy between myth and reality ‘
  • Treviso, 24-26 weeks. 1998 47th Meeting SUNI
  • Taormina, 27-29 weeks. 1998 47th Meeting of the Society of Urology in central-southern and Islands
  • Turin, October 17 1998 diagnostic and therapeutic limitations in female pelvic floor disorders
  • Turin, November 21 1998 surgery and radiotherapy in the treatment of prostate cancer
  • Rome, 4-5 December 1998: 1st National Congress SICGEM.
  • Pisa, 17-19 March 1999; Urogenital Reconstructive Surgery.
  • Turin, April 10, 1999: 25 years of vascular surgery at Molinette
  • Cuneo, 20-22 May 1999 The new frontiers of technology and drug in urology: comparison reviews
  • Rome, 20-23.06.1999: 72 ° SIU (companies’ Italian urology)
  • Milan, 03/27/1999 9th Congress and Lombardo-Piemontese-Valle d’Aosta
  • London, 27 – May 28, 1999 2nd International Congress of the European Society for Musculoskeletal Shockwave Therapy
  • Turin, 28-30.10.1999 1st National Congress SUN (Societa ‘New Urology).
  • Milan, 25-27 November 1999 EAU-European Society of Male Genital Surgery-ESMGS Congress
  • Turin Dec. 4, 1999: Piedmont Association of Urologists
  • Caselle Torinese, 01/29/2000: Prostatic Disease
  • Aquila, 24-27 March 2000 European Congress of Andrology
  • Turin, April 1, 2000 1st meeting on teaching cognitive urinary cystectomy after radical cause cancer
  • Brussels, 12-15 April 2000: EAU congress.
  • Trieste, 15-18.06.2000 13th Congress SIEUN
  • Course – Echo-guided techniques in the treatment of cancer prostaticoe Interventional ultrasound and andrological
  • Brescia, 21-23 49th Congress of the .09.2000 SUNI (Society of Urologists of Northern Italy
  • Rome, 2-6.12 .2000 Theoretical and Practical improvement in ultrasound imaging of urological interest. (Prof. G. Tomiselli, …).
  • Florence, 15-17.10.2000 Day 5 andrological Italian.
  • Turin, 27 October 2000: Training course on radiation protection.
  • 3-5.12.2000 Naples SUN 2nd National Congress (company ‘new urology).
  • Turin 18.11.2000 P.I.N. Diagnosis and Therapy
  • Regello (FI) 30-31.03.2001 Current news’ in Andrology Surgery
  • Cagliari 18-20.06.2001: Training and Update in Urology 2001
  • Trieste 14-16.09.2001 50th conference of the society ‘of urologists in northern Italy.
  • Glascow (UK), 8-10.10.2001: The Third International symbiosium of Urological stents.
  • Rome 01.03.ottobre 2001: European Society for Sexual and impotance research (ESSIR): One year experience with SIS grafting in penile surgery.
  • Milan 17.11.2001 Work-Shop International Reconstructive Urology.
  • Venezia 5-7 .12.2001 National Congress of the SIA (Italian Society of Andrology).
  • 15.12.2001 Torino Piemonte and Valle d’Aosta Association urologists AUP
  • Birmingham (UK): 23-26 February 2002: EAU Congress
  • Turin, April 13, 2002 XIV Meeting andrology Lombardo-Piemontese-Valle d’Aosta 2002 (diagnosis and treatment of erectile dysfunction)
  • Milan, May 4, 2002 Power and sex prostate cancer surgery
  • Trieste, 5-6 July 2002 V National Congress of Italian Society of Surgery of male genitalia (SICGEM) (8 CME)
  • Shanghai (China) 17-21 ott.2002 First Asia-Pacific Forum on Andrology
  • Turin, November 8 2002 Course of ureteroscopy Molinette Hospital
  • Bologna 12-15.11.2002 XIX National Congress of the SIA (Italian Society of Andrology)
  • Turin, November 22 2002 Course of ureteroscopy Molinette Hospital
  • New York, Columbia University 14 to 16 January 2002 _ Blue Diamond Club of Andrology
  • Milan 22.02.2003: The penile prosthesis ABC-Prof. Austoni E.
  • St. Vincent 05.04.2003: Meeting andrology Lombardia, Piemonte and Valle d’Aosta.
  • Amstherdam 24-25.05.2003: Challenging the constraints of current ED therapy
  • Sttudgard 25 to 27 May 2003: Course on Advanced Endoscopy Urology – Reuter Klinik Urologie Deutschland
  • Turin-3-5.07.2003: 6th Congress SICGEM
  • Trieste 06-09.10.2003: Diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the penis: Penile Reconstructive Surgery rescue with heterologous graft and implants in three-component failure of past interventions, (Video)
  • 9-10 October 2003: US-guided prostate biopsy and imaging of the prostate.
  • Capri October 25 to 28 2003: XX Congress of the ‘Italian Andrology (SIA).
  • 6-8.11.2003 Milan: European society for genitourinary reconstructive surgery.
  • DE in transplant patients: Our twenty years of experience, SIU – 2003


Orvieto April 4, 1997 The conference AURO
Emerging diseases in orthotopic bladder: their surgical treatment. M, Tasso, O. Sedigh, U. Ferrando.
Results in 5 years of radical cystectomy and orthotopic neobladder sec. Studer. Our experience: Tasso, Sedigh, Ferrando
The sec Studer orthotopic neobladder Zingg: Our Experience of 79 cases and follow-up of 4 years. Tasso, Sedigh, Cucchiarale, Ferrando

46 th meeting SUNI Reggio Emilia 23-25/10/1997
Results in 5 years of radical cystectomy and orthotopic neobladder sec. Studer. Our experience: Tasso, Sedigh, Ferrando
Results at 4 years of therapy and radical prostatectomy pathological stage Adiuventia in C-D1 Our experience: Tasso, Formiconi, Sedigh, Ferrando
Radical prostatectomy in ca. Incidental prostate cancer: considerations and results in 5 years. Tasso, Formiconi, Sedigh, Ferrando

21-24 June 1998 Siu Turin
Uretrerolitolapassi elettroidraulica.nostra ballistics and experience from 1990 to December 1997 (1510 pcs.)
The treatment of nephrolithiasis with ESWL and ureteroscopia.Nostra childhood experience (1994-1997).
Cauda, Alladio, de Natale, Ferraris, Sedigh, Ferrando

47 th meeting society ‘of the urologists nord_Italy
Treviso 24-26 sett.1998
The dermal allograft patch in radical surgery of the penis induratio
Radical surgery of the penis and the rope induratio penis.Rilasciamento sostutizione with total dermal patch
M.paradiso, O.sedigh, U. Ferrando

4 th day Italian andrological perugia 10-12 weeks. 1998
The patch dermal allograft (Alloderm) in radical surgery of the penis induratio. Paradiso, Morabito, Sedigh, Ferrando
Radical surgery of the penis induratio penis.Rilasciamento rope and total replacement by autologous dermal patch. Paradiso, Morabito, Sedigh, Ferrando
Corporoplastica with the use of material dermal allograft (Alloderm) and placement of a penile prosthesis in the previous three-component prosthetic surgery. Paradiso, Morabito, Sedigh, Ferrando.

Day AUP December 1998 Torino
Corporoplastica with heterologous dermal patch and protaesi hydraulic three-component penile prosthesis after previous surgery (Video).

The conference SICGEM Rome in December 1998.
Corporoplastica with the use of dermal allograft material and placement of Alloderm implants hydraulic prosthetic surgery after previous devastating. Paradiso, Morabito, Sedigh, Ferrando
Corporoplastica use of material with Alloderm dermal allograft in a rupture of the corpus cavernosum with considerable loss’ of albuginea.Paradiso, Lasaponara, Sedigh, Ferrando

Society New urology Torino 28 to 30 October 1999:
Results in 7 years of radical cystectomy and orthotopic ileal neobladder sec.Studer Zingg. Sedigh, Tasso, Ferrando, Formiconi
Treatment with extracorporeal shock waves (ESWT) in our experience. Sedigh, Morabito, Fox, Paradise.
Interstitial Laser Therapy in ‘benign prostatic hypertrophy. Tasso, Formiconi, Sedigh, Ferrando.

Abstract book II National Congress Company ‘New Urology (2000), pag.62:
Corporoplastica replacement with saphenous vein patch taken by surgery laparoassistita. Paradiso, Sedigh, Ferrando
One year experience with SIS grafting surgery in penile (ESSIR sett.2001 Abstracts Book).
Corporoplastica augmentation and replacement with SIS (pork intestine submucosa) our experience in 14 months.
Paradiso, Sedigh, Ferrando AUP Saturday, December 15, 2001.
Phalloplasty elongation ring protesico.progetto complement system and first results. Paradiso, Sedigh, Ferrando

Abstracts books Urology SUNI Trieste-50 conference 14-16. September 2001
One year of experience with SIS Biomaterial in penile plastic surgery, Paradiso, Sedigh, Ferrando

Palloplasty _ Peyronie’s, Cosmetic and Graft prostesis. Omid Sedigh, Matteo Paradiso : TURIN- ITALY

15 th meeting andrology Lombardia, Piemonte and Valled’aosta 2003. St. Vincent Aosta
Andrological problems in childhood and adolescence

52nd meeting SUNI: Trento 16-18 October 2003
Elements of sexuality ‘and inflatable penile implants: Maintenance and Sharpening function erotica.Nostra experience: Subscribe, Paradiso, Sedigh, Ferrando

51 st Meeting of the company ‘of urologists in the North-Italy (SUNI). Finalburgo (Savona): 3-5 October 2002
Erectile dysfunction in kidney transplant patients: our twenty years experience: F.lasaponara, M. Paradiso, G. Milan, f.Morabito, O. Sedigh, U. Ferrando
The quality of life ‘in patients undergoing surgery experience pelvica.Aspetti sessuoandrologici.Nostra: Subscribe A., M.paradiso, O. Sedigh, M. Manzo, U. Ferrando The mini-Why: first experience with less invasive than PCNL. Cauda F., A. Rocca, M. Manzo, Sedigh O., F. Valle, U. Ferrando

10 th National Congress A.U.R.O. 22-25 2003 Rome 0tt0bre
Role of penile prosthesis in reality ‘and cultural andrological Italy and the USA. M. Paradiso, O. Sedigh, U. Ferrando
Know-how and quality factors’ in the surgical management of induratio plastica.M.Paradiso penis, O. Sedigh, U. Ferrando
The extracorporeal shock wave treatment (ESWT) nell’induratio plastic penis. Our experience. M.paradiso, O. Sedigh, U. Ferrando

Urology Books of abstracts 49 th meeting of the company ‘of urologists North italia_ Brescia.


77th Congress SIU-Milan-19-June 23, 2004 Poster communication and Andrology
ESSM London – 5-8 December 2004 – Video 2 of 2 communications and andrological surgery and prosthetic fractures Pendine
19 EAU Congress Vienna March 26, 2004
15th National Congress of Italian Society of Ultrasound-Urology Molinette June 27, 2004
Iranian Society of Urology Congress 7 – Tehran 15-18 June 2004 _ video presentations of 3’s and two notices of Andrology Surgery School of Turin
Congress is Trieste3 21-23-26 September 2004 – presentation of two communications surgery Andrology
Andrology Mauritian Day – 2004 – speaker
Congress SUNI Jesolo 6 to 8 October 2005 presentation of 32 communications and a poster corporoplastiche
Piedmont Urological Association 21 to 22 October 2005 – DE rapporteur roundtable post radical surgery
Shockwave: What future Rome-rapporteur November 3, 2005
Geneve-Swiss Congress of Urology-08-10-september 2005 2 presentations and a video corporoplasty
Course for Sexology-Andrology turin-Rapporteur: Test farmacoerzione 22 september 2005
UAE-2005 – turkey-istanbul 16-19 march 2005 2 Posters in reconstructive surgery
Rigid and flexible ureteroscopy Course-13-14 April 2005 – Turin Molinette
SIA Lombardy Piedmont sexuality in the elderly Alba.16-April 2005 – Speaker
Prostate Project: 24-25 March 2005 – Turin
ESSM 12-2005 Denmark 3 poster presentations
Practical course of endourology, NCP and Miniperc 02/22/2005 Turin
Meeting on prostate cancer: 23-24-25 automobile museum in March 2006
Intercontinental Meeting of Tor-Vergata University Prof. Sava Peyrovic, Egidio P.: Surgery of the IPP
April 21, 2006 Rome-Tor Vergata
International Course on Reconstructive Uro.Andrologia:
Provvoker and rapporteur: 27-29 April 2006 Clinical Manzoni-Avellino
Puigvert Urology Foundation: Barcelona 7-10 May 2006
UAE-Paris 2006: Presentation of poster commented
Congress and the Lombard-Piedmont: May 27, 2006 como
National Congress of SIU: 17 to 21 June 2006 Bologna Presentation of two videos and a communication and a poster.
SIA National Conference: 26-29 Sept. 2006 in Milan, “Golden priapism communication on” Presentation 2 video and 2 Oral Communications
Video Conference Andrology Austoni Surgery: 29-30 sett.2006-Milan
SUNI Turin Congress: 12-14 October 2006 Presentation 2 video and 2 Oral Communications
National Congress SIURO Genoa: 30 nov2006 Video presentation of penile cancer.
European ESSM Congress-Vienna: 3-6 December 2006 two oral presentations, a poster commented and not commented on a poster. 2 new video processing services this year. (Prosthetics and two-component system soft intexen) 4 uro.andrologici Jobs in press UAE.
2007 & 2008
07-08 – February 2007 Pan Arab Society of Andrology Emirates-Dubai Presentation of 4 Uro andrological reconstructive video’s
Coloplast International meeeting Implantation of penile 28 Feb-01 march 2007 copenhaven
Organizer: live surgery workshop – Regional Day of urethral reconstructive surgery April 14, 2007 participation of more than 30 Swiss and Italian colleagues. Prof Enzo Palminteri-Dr.Sedigh at the nursing home Cellini
Course uro-laparoscopy-prof.Fornara Halle Germany 09-12 May 2007
Advanced Systems sphincter hard-prof R. Olianas Turin at the nursing home cellini 18 May 2007
Consultant at Qatar Hamad Medical Coorporation 14-20 july 2007
Basel-Swiss Congress of Urology 2007 4 september 27 video presentations
Rapporteur urethral surgery video International Course IS-Prof V. Gentile and Prof. Enzo Palminteri-Borgo Tre Rose 06.10.2007
Urethral buccal grafts during surgery-Arezzo-home care of the hill-sole08 10-2007 Prof. Palminteri, prof j Hosseinee and Prof G Barbagli
Organizer-Course of Implantology uroandrology International – nursing home cellini turin 12.09 -10.2007 participation of fellow Italian Swiss, Iranian and Qatar
Work-shop-Coloplast live surgery reconstructive surgery Implantology 10/13/2007 – Molinette University Hospital- Humanitas Cellini
Organiser Live surgery- Lecturer
Italian Swiss, Iranian and Qatar
Lecturer during pre congressule SIA National Ancona 07.10.2007 Complications in implant penile urethral
ESSM Congress( European Society for sexual Medicine ) 27-28 November 2007 Lisbon
poster presentations
12/01/2007 Torino-Rapporteur Congress AUP albuginea modeling video
International course on reconstructive urology Roma-Tor Vergata 17-18 December 2007
27.12.2007 Urgency operating from Torino- Invited surgeon low flow priapism, perineal proximal shunt for failed priapism in 14 years old child- Doha Qatar – University and Minister Appreciation
01.02.2007 Swiss- Geneve
Invited speaker and Surgeon : Penile implants Lecutre and Surgery
University Hospital of Geneve
The first king Sharjeh production and population equation symbosium & workshops 21 & 22 February 2008
Invited Speaker
Hamad Medical Coorporation 13-21 February 2008 DOHA-QATAR
Lecturer- Organiser – Live surgery for residents and colleges
UAE March 26-29 2008 Milan-Italy has 12 years of penile prosthesis Implantation in Turin SCUrologia 3
10.05.2008 Congress-SIA lombardopiemontese Fort Aosta Bard Rapporteur: Prosthetic Implantology in post Cancer
27-30 May 2008 Tehran Iranian Urological annual meeting
Lecturer Tips and tricks of Surgical Procedures for PD
ABC of penile implantation and How to Avoid the Complications of Video’s Genital reconstructive surgery
Construction of 4 videos in press UAE. Construction of a surgery video 2 min Video Experience Italian-SIA
Video Italian urology publication of albuginea modeling
SIU 2008 – The Centenary 09.2008 Rapporteur Video-fatal case of priapism 12 years of experience in penile prost.Implantation
EU-US Meeting for Surgery of the skin and stones 06/07/2008 nov.2008 Ospedale S. Paolo Milano
Speaker: National Workshop SIA-Tegea of 19.11.2008-Roma S. Penis Rapporteur short-AMS 1500
Specialization course of surgery for cancer of the small basin Prof.Studer Bern 07 and 08/12/2008.
Congress of Andrology Lombard-Piedmontese 12.09.2009 Speaker: implants in early ischemic priapism
National Congress of Iranian Society of Urology, 14-17 May 2009 Tehran-Rapporteur presentations-more reconstructive surgery
National Congress of Italian Society of Andrology, Catania 10 to 13 June 2009 Speaker-course pre-congressional relations during the conference and more Video of the Year Award for the best-prosthesis tricomponenete priapism in acute
Congress of Andrology in Milan-prof-strokes off drugs Labal-19.09.2009 Rapporteur – the use of Trimix in urology
Congress-all on transessualissimo-Turin-Hall-Molinette 06/09/2009 Speaker-The post-operative complications of surgery M to F
ESSM Congress-European Society for Sexual Medicine, Lyon, 15-18 .11.2009 Rapporteur-2 posters
Congress of Andrology and Reconstructive Surgery indirect Torvergata-and-Roma10 11.11.2009
Phalloplasty Magnification Intexen – Prof. Alei-ARS Medica-Roma 11/11/2009
Qatar-International congress Reconstructive Andrology 25-27 .03.2010 – Doha
Hamad Medical Coorporation
Organiser- Speaker and operator of live Surgery

Tehran-29-30-31.03.2010 S. Behesti University of Medical Sciences
prof.J Hossienee-university-Tehran-Iran
Lectures, Patients and Operations consultaions with the residents and collegs
Congress of Andrology Lombardo-Piemontese-Rapporteur 15.05.2010 Biella-surgery has a role in premature ejaculation
Andrological Section-Congress-UAE-1-2 October 2010 Rapporteur Trieste-Video reconstruction new vagina in Rokitansky reconstruction Syndrom
Video Italian surgery Monferrato-Resort-Cereseto-Alesandro 09.10.2010 Rapporteur-video presentations
-Congress Course Nephrologists-Pr-kidney transplants. G.segoloni – Villa Gualino Rapporteur-10.25.2010-Turin-surgical correction of erectile dysfunction in renal transplant
ESSM-European Society for Sexual Medicine-Malaga-Spain-Posters-14-17.11.2010 Speaker presentations
National Congress of the Societa ‘Italian Andrology 25-27.11.2010 Rome-Chair and Rapporteur-poster presentations
IAU( Iranian Urological Association) annual meeting-Tehran 03-07 may 2011. Live surgery in confernce-5 may 2011. 3-4may lectures and Video presentations
11.05.2011: Lezioni ai Masterizzandi Andrologia Master le complicanze in Chirurgia Andrologica
European society for sexual MedicineMilano Dec2011
Video presentations of Androgical procedure s -Main Video presentations
Qatar -Doha April 2011: Live surgery -Double penile ImplantsHamad Medical Coorporation. Lectures and video presentations of uro-reconstructive procedures.
Dynamic renogram and urological complications in kidney transplant: is there a role? results of a preliminary monocentric retrospective study. Lasaponara, A. Sargiotto, C. L. A. Negro, G. Pasquale, A. Bosio, O. Sedigh, E. Dalmasso, G. Picciotto, D. Fontana – SIU Berlino 2011
La colpopromontoriofissazione con benderella di sis per la correzione del cistocele in paziente portatrice di trapianto renale. F. Lasaponara, G. Pasquale, O. Sedigh, A. Bosio, B. Lillaz, C. De Maria, E. Dalmasso, D. Fontana (Torino) – SITO Roma 2011
Pielo-pieloanastomosi con concomitante nefrectomia del nativo policistico per la correzione di stenosi ureterale del graft. F. Lasaponara, G. Pasquale, O. Sedigh, A. Bosio, E. Dalmasso, A. Buffardi, G. Segoloni, D. Fontana (Torino) – SITO Roma 2011
Grafts con doppio distretto ureterale completo utilizzati per trapianto renale: nostra esperienza in 11 casi. F. Lasaponara, G. Pasquale, O. Sedigh, A. Bosio, E. Dalmasso, M. Carchedi, D. Fontana, G. Segoloni (Torino) – SITO Roma 2011
La pielo-pieloanastomosi nel trattamento chirurgico delle complicanze urologiche dopo trapianto renale. F. Lasaponara, G. Pasquale, O. Sedigh, A. Bosio, E. Dalmasso, D. Fontana (Torino) – SITO Roma 2011
Slatentizzazione di malattia del giunto pielo-ureterale (gpu) nel trapianto renale: trattamento chirurgico. E. Dalmasso, F. Lasaponara, G. Pasquale, O. Sedigh, A. Bosio, G.P. Segoloni, D. Fontana – SUN Roma 2011 (RELATORE)
Gestione delle complicanze urologiche maggiori del trapianto renale: esperienza del centro trapianti di rene di torino dal 1999 al 2010. F. Lasaponara, G. Pasquale, O. Sedigh, A. Bosio, E. Dalmasso, D. Fontana – AUP 2011 (RELATORE)
European of Urology -Paris-March 2012
S.peter,s Uroreconstructive Urology-London 24-27April 2012
Mab- Mediterrnean andrological Board Catania 15-16 mine 2012
Provvoker and lectures and Video presentations
Difficolty penile implants cases- workshop- Bari-30-31 june 2012
Trattamento chirurgico di linfocele calcifico e sintomatico a 13 anni dal trapianto renale: descrizione di un caso clinico. Lasaponara Fedele, Dalmasso Ettore, Pasquale Giovanni, Sedigh Omidreza, Bosio Andrea, Santià Silvia, Alessandria Eugenio, Fontana Dario – SUNI 2012
Il trapianto renale in pazienti di eta’ superiore ai 65 anni: valutazione dell’outcome in relazione alla patologia urologica insorta dopo kidney grafting. Lasaponara Fedele, Dalmasso Ettore, Tizzani Alessandra, Miceli Cristina, Gangemi Domenica, Pasquale Giovanni, Sedigh Omidreza, Bosio Andrea, Massaia Massimiliano, Segoloni Giuseppe Paolo, Fontana Dario. – SUNI 2012
Gestione delle complicanze urologiche maggiori del trapianto renale: esperienza del centro trapianti di rene di torino dal 1999 al 2010. Lasaponara Fedele, Pasquale Giovanni, Sedigh Omidreza, Bosio Andrea, Dalmasso Ettore, Santià Silvia, Alessandria Eugenio, Segoloni Giuseppe Paolo, Fontana Dario – SUNI 2012
European of Urology 15-18 March 2013
UCLH- London- pr. Ralph- Colpolast Mettine on Andrology- Video presentations, provoker in O R
Congresso di Sessuologia Cocciglio , Torino 13.04.2013, Implantologia peniena
Congresso Nazionale Auro, Montecatini terme, 28.05.2013,
Invited speaker- Lecture : tips and tricks in AUS Implantaions

Congresso di Andrologia Lombardopiemontese, 11.05.2013, Torino,
Invited speaker : lettura su Circoncisione tra mito e realta’ in prevenzione
ISSM-ESSM – Berlino 20-23 June 2013
London 19-22.02.2014- Coloplast meeting of serios Implanters
Lecturer : PP in curvatures, Sliding tecnique, Distal tunical repair, Relaxing corporoplasty and PP
Asian urology annual meeting Kish Island Iran- december 2014
Coordinator Live surgery of Urological and andrological procedures- with all International friends in Tehran Behesti University
italian and international delegation
Scientific Coordinator of Andrology and Reconstructive urology
Lecture on penile prosthesis implantion after radical procedures
ESSM Istambul
Società Italiana di Andrologia – Giugno 2015 Napoli
ESSM Madrid 2015 Lecturer
TAURAS (Turin Andrology Urology Reconstructive annual Symbosium) june 2016
Organiser- Scientific Coordinator- Lecturer- Surgeon

EAU – Esgurs Munich Marzo 2016 Lecturer – Surgical Indications for Peyronies disease

TAURAS (Turin Andrology Urology Reconstructive annual Symbosium) 8-9 june 2017
Organiser- Scientific Coordinator- Lecturer- Surgeon

2 Feb 2018 Tehran
Webinar – Video Skype presentaions
Italian Society of Andrology – Iranian Society of Urology meeting
Organiser- Scientific Committe – Lecuturer
Enlongation Techinques during penile implants

18 April 2018 Tokyo- Japan
The 16 UAA Conference- Urological Association of Asia
Apsaruas Joint Session of Reconstructive Urology- Zoom Webinar
Organiser- Scientific Committe- Lecturer

TAURAS (Turin Andrology Urology Reconstructive annual Symbosium) 31 May- 1 June 2018
Organiser- Scientific Coordinator- Lecturer- Surgeon
20.11.2018- Madrid
First international Ed meeting Coloplast
Invited speaker and surgeon
SICGEM ( Societa Italianadi Chirugia genitale maschile)
Invited moderator and Lecutrer
ESSM Lubiana Slovenia

Invited speaker ; Extenders in Andrology , What options are available

Mens health conference – Tehran S. Beheshti University
Webinar with 8 International Experts in Andrology form 5 countries
Organiser, Scientific Committee, Moderator 12 Pm Italian Time

Roma . Biotecnologie in Urologia
Operatore Live surgery Uventa posizionamento
09.03.2019 Arona
Lombardo piemontese di Andrologia
Lecture.PP in Acute priapism
Barcelona- European Society of Urology- Esgurs
Lecturer: complications of Sphincter implants
05.04.2019 Bari
Invited surgeon
Penile implant
11-12 April 2019- Dubai
3 th emirates conference of Mens health
Invited speaker
Penile prosthesis complications Art
Italian society of Endourology – Torino
Self expanding stents in urology for strictures – Uventa
Invited speaker
Italian society of Andrology
Complex Penile reconstruction in previous cosmetic silicon surgery
Invited speaker
Iranian Association of Urology Annual meeting
Coordinator Andrology International video Skype presentations
Lecturer ; Complications of Sphincter implants
Lecturer : AMS conference
Tips and tricks in Penile implants
University of Tehran
Lecturer: Surgical indications for Peyronie s disease
Invited Surgeon ; 3 complicated case of Peyronie’s disease
21- 24.06.2019
Invited surgeon
Khatam Hospital of Tehran – Iran
5 complicated cases of redosurgeries of Penile inflatable implants
London (UCLH) Masterclass in reconstruction Andrology –
Invited Speaker
Video Skype presentations during Iranian annual- association of Urology conference
Organiser- Lecturer- Reservoir complications
Perugia SICGEM ( Italian Society in genitourethral surgeons)
Lecturer :Uventa in Reconstructive urology
Torino Giornate Nefrologiche Torinesi
Relatore :
Reflusso vescico ureterale in Tx Renale
ESSM( European Society for Sexual Medicine- Praga
Lecturer : Traction devices In Acute phase of Peyronie’s disease
Video presentations :
Ossified Peyronies and Penile implants
Cosmetic complications after silicon injections
Mens health conference in Tehran – Iran
Organiser of Scientific Committee- international Video Skype presentations
Traction devices in La Peyronie’s disease
Roma- Campus Italian association of Endourologia
Lecturer: Self expanded Covered stents in Urology for Strictures
10.2020 – Iranian Urological Association Webinar
Video presentaions of complications of Penile Implants and Serios Implanters
12.11.2020 – Webinar Iranian Board of Uro-Oncology- TUMS ( Tehran University of medical Sciences)
Lecturer :
Complications of Sphincter Implantations for Urinary Incontinence
26.11.2020- Webinar – Florence University- All you can eat Andrology
Lecturer : Peyronie’s disease – Surgical procedures
SIEUN – Italian Society
Lecture : on Ureteric stenosis and Uventa

26.11.2020- Webinar – Florence- Italy, All you can eat Andrology
Peyronie’s disease – Surgical procedures – Moderator
Lecure on Ureteric stenosis and Uventa
All you Can eat- Master Andrology
Moderator : Peyronie’s Surgery
19.02.2021 European society for Sexual Medicine
Lecturer : International Webinar of self expanding Covered stents
Lecturer : Penile transplantation

EAU- Apsaraurs- Iranian Ass. Of Urology Joint Session , Zoom Conference
Organiser Lecturer
Self Expanded Covered Urethral Stents- Uventa
State of Art and Preliminary Experience of Torino

SIU Live –Torino- Clinica Urologica- invited Surgeon
Modified Inguinal Linfadenectomia in penile Cancer

July 2021
Editorial Board of Male Urology (specialty section of Frontiers in Urology
12 – 15 sept 2021
Stone Center of excellence – Doha Qatar
PCN Supine course – 5 procedures
18 sept 2021
Dubai Medicare Hospital
PCN and RIRS course
21 sept 2021- Vigevano Italy- Supin PCN Course- Dr. Goumas
International WEBINAR
Diagnosis of Male and female urinary incontinence international APSARUS seasonal meeting
Organiser- Scientific Committee- Moderator
Organiser and Moderator panel
Piemonte- Val D’aosta- Lombardia Andrology Society
Lecuturer : Sexual disorders in Kidney transplants
Congresso macroregionale SIA
02.10.2021 Aosta
Erectile dysfunction in kidney transplant
World meeting of sexual medicine
19.11.2021 Tokyo Japan
Lecturer Webinar : Acute penile implants in low flow priapism
19.11.2021 ESSM( European Society for Sexual Medicine)- APSARUS( Asian pacific society of Andrology reconstructive Urological Surgeons) Joint meeting Webinar
Organiser, Lecturer and Moderator
Surgical indications for Peyronie’s Disease

Expert meeting di trapianti Renali
Complicanze Urologiche- Lecture
ESSM( European Society for Sexual Medicine)- APSARUS( Asian pacific society of Andrology reconstructive Urological Surgeons) Seasonal Meeting
Intercontinental Webinar Conference
Organiser, Lecturer with 6 internationl respected faculty
Lecture : Posterior Urethroplasty

20.02.2022 : International Video Session- Webinar- Tehran – Iran
Mens Health &Reproductive Health Research Center
La Peyronies disease
Organiser- Scientific Committee- Lecturer
8 Lectureres from the globe
Moderator : J Hosseini, F. Soleimanzadeh

Foggia – Italy
Invited Surgeon- Live Surgery penile implant in 3d hydrogel
Nuovi percorsi di diagnosi e Cura in Uro- Oncologia
Humanitas Gradenigo
Moderatore tutta la sessione
30.04.2022 Torino- Lavazza
Prevenzione e stile di vita :
La salute , il Cibo e buon Vivere
Moderatore sessions pomeridiano
10.05.2022 Torino Humanitas Gradenigo
Organiser and surgeon
Tips and tricks of self expanding stents positioning – Uventa
19.05.2022 Iranian association of Urology- Tehran
Webinar Lecturer
Augmentations phalloplasties
Penile malleable implants
21-26 May 2022 Kuwait Urological Board meeting
Invited surgeon- Lectures, Live Surgery for residents and local Urologist
Cases : Congenital curvatures- penile implants – post urethra repair
PD tips and tricks
4 July 2022.European Urology Association- Amesterdam
Moderator Esgurs Penile implants
Bergamo 13-14 September 2022
SIA- Italia society of Andrology
Moderator : Penile fractures
15 September 2022- Torino
Expert meeting in Proste cancer treatments
Moderator : Oligometastatic radiation treatments
24 September 2022, SUNI, Biella
Lecuturer :
Penile implants in Peyronie’s disease

6 October 2022- Sydney Australia
Asian Urology Association annual meeting and APSARAUS joint session
Organiser and speaker Webinar and Live Reconstructive Conference 30.10- 3 .11.2022Men’s health Live Surgery conference Kuwait
Liver surgery- Lectures during conference and residents
4-5 nov 2022, Auro a Torino
Moderatore ; Lettura Nanofact in chirurgia Uretrale

Lecturer Posterior Urethroplasty
University of Foggia, Italy – Live Surgery penile implant in 3d hydrogel
Nuovi percorsi di diagnosi e Cura in Uro- Oncologia
Humanitas Gradenigo
Moderatore tutta la sessione
30.04.2022 Torino- Lavazza
Prevenzione e stile di vita :
La salute , il Cibo e buon Vivere
Moderatore sessions pomeridiano
10.05.2022 Torino Humanitas Gradenigo
Organiser and surgeon
Tips and tricks of self expanding stents positioning – Uventa
Augmentations phalloplasties
Penile malleable implants
Iranian association of Urology- Tehran
21-26 May 2022 Kuwait
Live surgery for residents and local Urologists
Congenital curvatures- penile implants – post urethra repair
PD tips and tricks
4 July 2022.European Urology Ass. Amesterdam
Moderator Esgurs Penile implants
Bergamo 13-14 September 2022
SIA- Italia society of Andrology
Moderator : Penile fractures
15 September 2022- Torino
Expert meeting in Proste cancer treatments
Moderator : Oligometastatic radiation treatments
24 September 2022, SUNI, Biella
Lecuturer :
Penile implants in Peyronie’s disease
20-21 October 2022 Madrid- Spain
Moderator 2 sessions of Live Surgery
Corporoplasty and penile implants
25.11.2022 Verona
Congresso di Urologia Funzionale
Uretra e d’intorni
Relatore : Posterior Urethroplasty
Rotterdam – ESSM 16-18 feb 2023
Lecturer Apsaras: pp and relaxing Incisions
Video presentation :
Hidden penis and total reconstruction
Poster presentation :
Preliminary experience with Uventa
Barcellona 23-24 March 2023
9th course on prosthetic and GENITOURINARY Reconstructive Surgery
Distal tunical repair
Lengthened procedures in PD
20 Aprile 2023 Congresso macroregionale SIA
Courmayeur- Relatore , impiantologia difficile
11.05.2024 Tehran
IUA Annual
Lecturer : Low flow priapism, state of Art
27.05.2023 Taormina – 17 Congresso
Lecturer : nightmares in penile implants
08-10 June 2023Torino- TAURAS
Organiser OF INTERNATIONAL SYPOSIUM OF Surgical Andrology
24.06.2024 Roma
Società italiana di Andrologia
Lecture :
Interventi non necessari in Andrologia
11.07.2023 Berlin – Germany
Robotic Da Vinci Training Center all day with animals ( pigs )

Happy Hour Andrologico 27.09.2023
Toscana – Siena
Augmentations tech. In Penile surgery
UAA- Asian and emirates urology Ass
28.09.2023 to 30 09.2023
Dubai .
Lecturer ;
Penile implants in PD
Video presentations ;
Exteriorisations tech. In BXO
UVENTA STENTS IN bulbar strictures
14.10.2023 Torino
La salute sessuale della Coppia
Moderator 9-13
26.10.2023 Imars conference Torino
Moderator Live surgery Penil Cancers
27.10.2023 Congresso Urgenze in pronto soccorso – Ordine dei Medici – Torino
Relatore :Terapia espulsiva della calcolosi
28.10.2023 Congresso AURO Torino
Moderatore sessione
Terapia Medica dell’IPB
15.11.2023 Webinar – Relatore
14-17 December 2023 – Dubai – ISSM
World meeting of sexual medicine and arbs society of urology
Webinar- Belgrade – Musuem of Art
Sava Peyrovic Foundation
Surgical treatments in Priapism
Bari- ESSM 8-10 February 2024
Lecturer : surgical treatments of priapism
Video presentations ;
SIU Live , 14.03.2024
Italian society of Urology
Self expanders ureteral stents for strictures
Penile Esteriosation for BXO
Varese – 16.03.2024
Lombardo piemontese – val d’Aosta
Lecturer: conservative surgical treatments in Peyronie’s disease
Paris 5.04.2024, European association of Urology
Lecturer ;
Surgical treatments in priapism

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